How to do clean design in 3 steps

One of the comments I often get from recruiters and interviewers is that they like how clean my design is. While this is flattering, it’s kinda of weird as...

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The mental health toll of a failing startup (and 5 ways to avoid it)

I’ve been lucky enough to work in a few startups over the years, but I’ve also been unlucky enough to see some of them fail...

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The secret to getting hired by the best companies, and getting paid more.

Ever wondered how people get hired at Facebook, Apple or Google? I see people constantly asking how on message boards and at conferences. Here’s what you need to know...

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5 Things nobody will tell you about finding design work in new countries.

Changing where you live is a huge undertaking, but thankfully finding a new design job can be relatively easy if you know what to do. I've moved overseas a few times in the past 6 years and...

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