The costs surrounding subsea exploration are astronomical and are currently all pricing is done in excelThis results in millions of dollars being mis-budgeted due to human error. Enclume aims to fix this by making this process simple and intuitive, without the need for spreadsheets.

Encume had a basic prototype running on their web app running on their servers but it was difficult to use and didn't flow in a logical way as it was being built piece by piece. To solve these problems I first set out to give the company a solid identity. Enclume is french for Anvil, and the owners were set on the colour purple, so working within these parameters I came up with a logo and a wordmark that represented the core values of this company: Innovation, Work and Tech.

Once I had completed the branding I moved over to designing the web app. The app had a strong foundation but it didnt flow logically and needed to be tied together in a way that made sense to the end user. I did a full ux overhaul and then I applied a distinct visual style to the interface.