HSBC Channels

HSBC needed to redesign the interface for it's internal call centre staff. It was confusing to use and extremely outdated. We developed a new design language for them then integrated it into a front end that was easy to use and reflected the level of sophistication associated with using an HSBC product.

For this project, I worked in conjunction with 4 other agencies to manage everything from accessibility, quality control, outsourcing development work and working directly with HSBC itself to ensure the designs met their standards. I worked between London and Chicago, and liased with teams in Miami and London to create a new helpdesk solution for HSBC

HSBC is a truly global organisation and as such this project was designed from the ground up to be used in multiple languages and to be completely accessable by any of their staff. The end solution used four different panels to display key information points in a highly visual and engaging way.

I worked in conjunction with four agencies to manage everything from accessibility to quality control, outsourcing development and visual designs.

During this project, HSBC also requested a new styleguide for their channels team, which I worked heavily on. We augmented their existing branding with a digital identity that was then integrated into the designs we were creating. Our designs ended up winning out over 4 other global agencies and we fully devloped the project for HSBC.