Lloyds Bank

Lloyd's Bank was concerned at rising costs from their call centres. At Seren, I lead a team to find out how we could reduce this cost while making their customers happier. This had to occur within the strict regulations of the banking industry while also having a contemporary, eye catching design.

After extensive user research we discovered that the online help portal was difficult to use and laid out inefficiently. This caused people to call Lloyds Bank, which was not on of their objectives. To fix this problem, we redesigned the information architecture of the entire help centre and then bought it into line with the latest styleguide. To present the complex data structure to the developers I had to build highly functional html prototypes using Axure. This helped communicate the functionality at a low level to help the developers understand how the varvious components worked together.

I presented this project to the heads of Lloyds and they were extremely happy with the new system and they loved the micro-interactions we added to subtley help the user acheive what they wanted.

I lead a team of 8 designers to do a complete UX discovery for the Lloyds Bank Help Centre. I then designed the UI and was in charge of the developers implementing the project

In the time since this project was implemented, phone based help tickets rose, while time spent on the website help section rose dramatically. The new information was easy to find, clearly laid and and fit within Lloyds visual identity.