Losst is a GPS based weightloss app. It tackles one of the core problems of weightloss in a respectful and subtle way. It was designed from the ground up for iOS and Android

Losst works by using the OpenMaps API to find fast food restaurants. The app then alerts the user when they are in the vicinity of these trouble spots, and sends them an encouraging image that the user has previously set. This motivates the user and stops them from gaining weight at the physical location of the problem

For this project, I did everything from personas, to the UX and UI, coding and designing the website and even the branding. It had to look light and fun, and be extremely easy to use. The visual feel for the entire project had to be mirrored in the ease of use. There are only three main things to do on the app, then the user can run the app in the background and not have to worry about it.

The app is designed to set and forget - It works in the background to keep problem eating under control.

Losst is currently shopping around for buyers to be integrated as a feature into larger weight loss systems. It is being developed for iOS and pending the success of that will be ported to android. You can view the website here