The secret to getting hired by the best companies, and getting paid more.

Ever wondered how people get hired at Facebook, Apple or Google? I see people constantly asking how on message boards and at conferences. Here’s what you need to know: Top-tier companies don’t post on job boards, they use recruiters.

Another difference is if external recruiters hire a candidate for a full-time role, they often get repeating commission for a set amount of time. The important thing to remember is that recruiters are motivated professionally and financially to do the hard work for you. With that in mind, here are 10 quick tips to help you get the best results working with recruiters.


It’s easy to find recruiters. Simply go on google and search “Creative recruitment” and the city you live in, or want to target. Once you’ve done this, add them on Linkedin and send them a message.


When you introduce yourself, make it concise and informative. Make sure you say why you want to connect with them, For example:

“Hey, I’m just reaching out to you because I’m moving to London and I wanted to start building a network before I get there so I can hit the ground running. I’d love to set up 15 minutes so we can chat about any work you potentially have. Thanks!“

This shows the recruiter that you’re not just adding them to increase the size of your network and that they should actually spend some time reading about you.

However, don’t write them an essay. Recruiters, like most people, don’t have 45 minutes to sit and read through a point-by-point list of everything you’ve done since you left high school. Keep it brief and keep it relevant.


Have your portfolio, CV/Resume and website ready to go before you talk to the recruiter. It’s likely they’ll want to send your details to an employer as quickly as possible, so before you reach out get everything you use to promote yourself together and up to date. It’s going to make the both you and the recruiter look bad if your CV has a 2 year gap from your previous job


Recruiters are people too! Be nice to them and they’ll probably fight a lot harder to get you a job. If you’re unhelpful or unprofessional, why would they risk their credibility by recommending you for a job?


Answer them straight away. When recruiters are talking to you, they’ve probably planned that time in their day to do that task. They could have meetings or other candidates (competition) to talk to straight after you, so if you get back to them promptly it makes their job easier and shows enthusiasm for the role that you’re applying for.


Remember that there are good recruiters and bad recruiters. Just like any industry, some people are good at their jobs and some are bad. Don’t go on social media and insult the recruitment industry because some people are sending you unsolicited job offers. Not all recruiters do this (the good ones, for example) and even if this is happening to you it’s a first world problem, so take it as a compliment, ignore it and move on. Don’t go on a rant about the entire industry because it’ll make you look immature and you could offend someone who could’ve otherwise got you your dream job


The more you get paid, the more the recruiter gets paid. This is one of the best things about working with a recruiter. If they’re working on say, a 10% commission and you get hired at 80k a year, they get $8000 commission, but if you get 100k a year, they get $10,000 commission. Recruiters, like most people will probably enjoy that extra $2000. This means you both have a common goal (to get paid as much as you both can) so give them anything and everything they ask from you because in the long run you both benefit from it.


Recruiters usually have more than one job that you’d be a good fit for. Stick with the recruiter even if you don’t get the first job they put you out for. This helps you cut down on the painstaking process of filling out different cover letters, customising your portfolio for CVs and jobs and keeping track of all the applications you’ve made if you were doing everything yourself.


If you get a job with the help of a recruiter, they’ll most likely want to help you out a few years down the road when you’re ready for a change. They’ll know that you’re reliable, you’ll make them look good to their clients and you’ll help them and their company get paid. Keep in contact with your recruiters and you’ll find a huge amount of jobs available to you.


Recruiters are global. I’ve been hired from New Zealand to work in Germany, from Spain to work in Canada and from Canada to work in Kuwait. Theres nothing better than moving to a new country knowing you have a secure, well paid job already waiting for you when you get there. With skype/zoom interviews and recruiters, you’re now able to get work globally after a couple of hours of interviews.

If you keep all these in mind, you’ll be able to work with recruiters to get you much better jobs than you would be able to by yourself and chances are you’ll get paid better. Treat them like humans, be organised and courteous you’ll both benefit from this relationship.

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