Hi, I'm Todd, I'm a Web & UI/UX Designer

I'm a graphic designer that specialises in Web and UI/UX design. I've designed over 100 websites and consulted on around 500.

I'm always interested in new projects, so if you'd like to talk, please Contact Me, or download my CV or Portfolio. Cheers

I have worked for Intel, Spotify, Karen Millen, Co op insurance doing UI/UX and graphic design
Karen Millen Email Design
Intel Facebook microsite design
blademaster website design

blademaster website design
snowride website design

snowride website design ad 1

snowride website design ad 2

snowride website design ad 3

zap website design
Money Observer website design

Moneyoberserver Responsive website design
Moneyobserver fund comparison design
andrew stewart website design
hushamock website design
Volta Typeface
bambina website design
barracks poster design
Processing Generative Poster
LED Future Stationery Design
emarsys landing page

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